asybulk is used as part of a target mass to mobile phone users to achieve business objectives on time. It is used by banks, insurance media, businesses, and governments that send SMS notification, alert and promoting services and products. sending mass SMS, SMS and WAP PUSH speed instant within a short time help you achieve many of your audience and conquer the greatest number of clients.

Easybulk is widely used by stock market, the commodity markets, logistics, industries automobile, les tours et les voyages, l'industrie de loisirs, sports, campagnes politiques, les automotive, tours and travel, leisure industry, sports, political campaigns events, studies market and many other activities.

key Benefits

  • Attractive price
  • Quality of Service
  • Quick development
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Upgradeable
  • Flexible licensing model

key Features

  • High performance with the use of DB in memory
  • Highly scalable architecture
  • High Availability - Active / Active or Active Mode / Standby or distributed
  • Multilink SMSC via different interface protocols application
  • HTTP interface
  • Monitoring and real-time statistics
  • Compliance
  • Messages manipulator
  • Interoperability with SMSC and WAP as well as value-added server-based Web
  • Security


  • Applications Alert and Notification
  • Smart messages (ringing, logos, picture ..)


  • HTTP
  • HTTPs
  • SMPP3.4 (5.0).
  • CIMD2.
  • CIMD2.
  • UCP.
  • EMI.
  • Other demand

Support platform

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise
  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • Ubuntu Linux.
  • GNU Linux.
  • Unix.
  • Sun.
  • HP.
  • Another property of platform on demand.