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FidelCom is a comprehensive management tool loyalty campaigns specially designed for telecommunications operators and banking institutions to perform marketing campaigns based on trigger " triggers " via multiple channels to significantly reduce churn and boost revenues .

FidelCom is based on several data sources and facilitates integration with existing systems , it is also capable of performing campaigns powerful loyalty and services
competitive advantage to customers in the powerInternet and mobile channels such as Web , SMS and e- mail , and more channels traditional direct mail and telemarketing.

FidelCom can handle different loyalty campaigns based on a triggering event ( churn events, activity roaming incoming calls
or outgoing SMS , MMS, data mining , termination , sms welcome .. etc) , at conditioning ( Event rentals, customer birthday .. etc) or on loyalty scripted scenarios such as lending loans to credible / reliable customers .

Overall architecture

The solution uses multiple connectors for smart grid grouped in a "data entry" module of the JBoss SOA Platform that is currently processing the mediation of customer data door.
These connectors are waiting points such customer contact:
  • Inbound customer service
  • Outbound telemarketing
  • Web browsing
  • WAP browsing
  • IVR interactive
  • SMS
  • E-mail

The JBoss SOA Platform which is integrated in the solution will be responsible for the mediation of data and process management rules loyalty.

These rules will decide to offer loyalty rewards to customers based on their behavior, frequency of call / SMS, loyalty ... These gifts can be given by the operator, such as:
  • Free SMS or MMS
  • Calls (on net and off net) free
  • Free Data Plan
  • Management customer lifecycle
Gifts may be provided by third-party partners, such as travel agencies, hotels, banks, car rental ...


Fidelcom allows understanding the market through statistical reports related to consumer behavior in order to increase ARPU and reduce churn

Operations and Administration:

    Fidelcom offers a comprehensive and powerful web panel web-based multilingual taking supports the following features:
  • Managing Director and access control.
  • DSystème control and monitoring.
  • Management System.
  • Management rules Loyalty.
  • Reports, statistics and log management.
  • Alarm management.
  • CDR generation.

Key benefits:

  • Maximize ARPU your customers existants.Gestion administrator and access control.
  • Flexible to adapt to customer demands for new services and loyalty campaigns.
  • Scalability.
  • Solution flexible billing.
  • A cost-effective solution.
  • Easy to integrate with other platforms to add value through standard interfaces for time to market ..
  • Fast service adaptation based on customer needs.
  • Flexible licensing model.

Key features:

  • High performance with the use of DB in memory
  • The ability to integrate telecommunications systems using intelligent network API and CDR analysis.
  • Highly scalable architecture
  • O & M Advanced features, including Java-based GUI and SNMP agent.
  • Multiple SMSC connections via several protocols of the application interface.
  • HTTP-s interface .
  • Pull and push separate Billing and CDR CDR export to Excel.
  • Monitoring and real-time statistics.
  • The differentiation between the clients and pre-paid.
  • High performance of push and pull.
  • Messaging open architecture.
  • Generating Call Detail Record (CDR) for billing purposes.
  • Event Manager
  • Highly modular and highly adaptable depending on the services and content architecture.
  • Dynamic configurations w / CDR powerful filtering and triggering.
  • Customer Management.

Applications (examples)

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • Offer bonuses based on the consumption of services.
  • Providing services to customers: minutes of calls, SMS, MMS, roaming ... etc..
  • Offer cheap airline assets roaming.


  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise.
  • Debian GNU / Linux.
  • Ubuntu Linux.
  • GNU Linux.
  • Unix.
  • Soleil.
  • HP.

Other proprietary platforms on request.