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Mobile phones have evolved from a simple tool to transfer voice a multi -purpose device that can serve music player , digital planner or a camera ….
Now , this handheld device is ready to help improve the environment for cashless payments in providing an alternative to conventional credit cards .

MobiBank is mobile banking solution offers many value-added services such as: request for information in real time ( account balance, exchange rates , etc. .. ),
alert ( NSF , checks outstanding , the removal of the ATM .. etc) and mobile payment featuressuch as mobile recharge time , the processing of payments
bills , Micro -payment commercial payment processing ... etc.

Customers can use SMS , USSD , WAP / Web , and even interactive voice to interact and take advantage of the services offered by MobiBank.

MobiBank provides complete infrastructure to allow transactions from start to finish by acting as an intermediary between a consumer and a trader.
telecom accounts using their debit as a form of "currency" , consumers can make different types of payment transactions to purchase
merchandise in a safe and practical manner. Payment requests go through a service authorization request before the end of the purchase cycle.

Overall architecture:


Key benefits:

  • Attractive price.
  • Increase ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).
  • Quality of service.
  • Flexible to adapt to customer requirements in the case of new services.
  • Rapid development of services.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Scalability.
  • Solution flexible billing.
  • Facile à intégrer avec d'autres plates-formes des clients grâce à des interfaces standards et exclusives pour les délais de commercialisation.
  • Rapid adaptation of service based on customer needs.
  • Flexible licensing model.

Key features:

  • Highly scalable architecture.
  • Multi-protocol solution: SMPP (SMS), VoIP (Voice Interactive), USSD, HTTP / XML, Web services ...
  • Advanced messaging applications.
  • O & M Advanced features, including Java-based GUI and SNMP agent.
  • Flexible billing.
  • Messaging "Push and Pull" interactive.
  • High Performance "Push and Pull".
  • HTTP-s interface.
  • Internal firewall TCP / IP protocol.
  • Separated from the "Push and Pull" CDR and CDR export to Excel billing.
  • Monitoring and real-time statistics.
  • Compliance with standards.
  • Filtering and analysis of messages.
  • Manipulator message.
  • Message generator.
  • Generator "Call Detail Record (CDR) for billing capabilities.
  • Administration terminal system.
  • Interfaces management system.
  • Interfaces supply.
  • Event Manager.
  • The highly modular and highly scalable architecture based on services and content.
  • Dynamic configurations CDR w / powerful filtering and triggering.
  • API providing easy to use.
  • Customer Management.
  • Security.
  • Firewall and spam control.

Mobile Banking applications (examples):

  • Enquiries real-time account balances, exchange rates, interest rates ..
  • Periodic reports of the account balance.
  • Payment of a check drawn on the account of wages.
  • Insufficient funds Alert.
  • Alert withdrawals of significant value to an account.
  • Alert withdrawals of significant value through ATM or a debit / credit card.
  • Request for payment of an electronic invoice.
  • A stop payment instruction on a check.
  • Disabling a debit / credit when it is lost or the PIN is known to be compromised.
  • Alerts on account activity or thresholds are exceeded.

Mobile payment applications (examples)

  • Transfers of national and international funds.
  • Micro-payment and processing trade payments.
  • Recharge Mobile.
  • Payment processing bills.
  • Withdrawal / deposit agent

Support platform

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise
  • Debian GNU/Linux
  • Ubuntu Linux.
  • GNU Linux.
  • Unix
  • Sun.
  • HP.
  • Another property of platform on demand.