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The solution is mobile community MobiMix platform Complete composed of multifunctional elements such as amessaging, content applications and different access interfaces.

Offering mechanisms search and navigation easy for users , it is a pleasure to find each other , while maintaining complete anonymity among members of the
community. The platform contains themed lounges where users can engage in conversations one-to -one ( private) or one-to -many (public) .

community management and moderation are based on algorithms filtering and cleaning robust and intelligent, on the other hand, the administration staff can animate
community organizing marketing events and fun to stay in touch with members.

Allow users to communicate anonymously with each other is the main purpose of mobile community MobiMix two chat modes are managed by the community, private messaging
private messaging One-to-Oneand public messaging One-to-Many .

The social aspects are present in the community, based on shareable items, multimedia content and wide profiles, the solution is accessible with any device or communication technology modern compliant such as SMS, MMS , WAP, USSD , Web, and instant messaging.


The mobile community MobiMix allows people (clients and members) to chat / discuss with numerous communication technologies:
  • SMS push / pull
  • clavardage
  • Wap discussion
  • Voice chat

Web, WAP and voice are extensions of the mobile community MobiMix each
provides a powerful value to the platform.

Web and Wap extensions allow users to chat from any terminal web / wap (phone, PC, tablet ...), the operator may charge to use the service based on the
time spent in chat, the number of text messages sent or data downloads.


Key benefits

  • Flexible licensing model and cost effective solution.
  • Increase ARPU (Average Revenue Per User).
  • Quality of service.
  • Flexible to adapt to customer demands for new services.
  • Portability.
  • Rapid development of services.
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Scalability.
  • Easy to integrate with other platforms to add value through standard interfaces for time to market.

Key features

  • Robust filtering engine message preventing bad words and malicious users to maintain a clean community.
  • Highly scalable architecture.
  • Advanced messaging applications.
  • O & M advanced features.
  • Multiple SMSC connections via several protocols application interface.
  • Engine based on XML with XML client interface.
  • HTTP application hosting intelligent messaging, HTTP caching and HTTP proxy.
  • HTTP-s interface.
  • Separate "Push and Pull" CDR and CDR billing exported to Excel.
  • High Performance "Push and Pull".
  • Monitoring and real-time statistics.
  • Open architecture based messaging XMPP (Jabber) service.
  • Standards compliance with XMPP instant messaging clients.
  • Filtering and analysis of messages.
  • Access control operators and customers.
  • Security.
  • Firewall and spam control.


  • HTTP
  • XMPP (Jabber)
  • SIP (VoIP)
  • BOSH (bidirectional synchronous flow more HTTP)
  • Others on request.

Network Interface

  • SMTP
  • XML
  • SMPP3.4 (5,0).
  • CIMD2.
  • UCP.
  • EMI.
  • Others on request.

Support platform

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise.
  • Ubuntu Linux.
  • GNU Linux..
  • Unix.
  • HP.
  • Other proprietary platforms on request.