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SOA is a flexible platform, based on the standards to integrate applications , SOA services , business events and process automation infrastructure .

PodBridge provides a simple and robust architecture to provide a middleware solution based on the level of services the company to enable it to take advantage of methodologies
SOA integration and dramatically improve business process execution speed and quality.

With JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, a company carries integration services on a more transparent and affordable single platform . With JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, as a partner and Red Hat SOA Tritux provide quick time-to- SOA solution that adds significant value to your business.

SOA is a strategic concept for fast and flexible alignment with business needs . A powerful SOA platform is based .

As a platform of good practice Tritux provides effective support for SOA business strategies with a flat SOA platform open , neutral and comprehensive , based on JBoss .
Enterprise SOA Platform, the PodBridge plugins package provides standardized (connectors) to achieve greater versatility and more support concepts of-breed .

Tritux help you align your business with SOA without requiring a reboot greenfield , the treatment of progressive integration of application landscapes. Therefore, we avoid
high initial investments and focus on the design of usable SOA components for the future.

Loose coupling is a basic concept of SOA that reduces dependence on manufacturers , products and technologies and increases reuse services.Ce is achieved through mediation dynamic functionality via policy SOA platform .

Operation, Administration and Maintenance

PodBridge offers web panel web-based and comprehensive and powerful multilingual taking encharge the following features:
  • Managing Director and access control.
  • Management System.
  • Management operator.
  • Email management.
  • Reports, statistics and log management.
  • Alarm management.
  • Calls monitoring service.
  • Request / response tracing.

Key benefits

  • Improves business agility
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Market faster
  • Low cost of ownership.
  • SOA solution ready.
  • Part of the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform.
  • Compliance with organizational standards WS-I.
  • Quality of service.
  • Flexible to adapt to customer requirements for new integration needs.
  • Rapid development of services.
  • Scalability.

Key features

  • PodBridge monitoring
  • Architecture hautement √©volutive.
  • Advanced messaging applications.
  • Engine based on XML SOAP, and RPC client interface rest.
  • Caching web proxy service.
  • HTTP-s web interface.
  • Open source third-party connectors.
  • Support for multiple standard protocols such third SMPP, FTP, POP3, HTTP, XMPP ... etc.
  • Support multiple tiers proprietary protocols.
  • Monitoring and real-time statistics.
  • The highly modular architecture and highly adaptable depending on the services and content.
  • Support open interfaces and APIs for seamless integration with existing services.
  • Security.

Support platform

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise.
  • Ubuntu Linux...
  • GNU Linux.
  • Unix. .
  • Sun.
  • HP.
  • Other proprietary platforms on request.