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Redhat Jboss consulting

Our consulting services ensure that you become stronger, more competitive and capable of managing business solutions advanced Tritux Consulting offers support, deployment and
improving critical business applications with service offers both packaged and customized.

We provide consulting services deemed to:
  • Expose the full life cycle of the application, the analysis of the initial development needs, continuous integration, testing and deployment.
  • Design robust architectures using standards, reuse and collaborative work methodical.
  • Critical applications highly scalable business and Linux systems: Clustering, tuning, the sizing and more ...
  • SOA and enterprise data integration leveraging advanced experiences with BSE and EAI systems design, production and deployment.
  • Messaging Solutions: Email, SMS, MMS, Fax, XMPP / Jabber and more ...
  • Linux systems administration, troubleshooting, configuration, customization and optimization.
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL administration and troubleshooting data.
  • Apache httpd, Tomcat and JBoss Web Server Advanced Administration: Audio, sizing, grouping, mandating more ...
  • Talend and business intelligence solutions open source Pentaho.
  • The integration of BSCS system and engineering.
  • JBoss Seam framework and Java EE.
  • Symfony framework and PHP.