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Residence Les Jardins du Lac, Idriss Building ,Les Berges du Lac 2, 1053 Tunis- Tunisia


Tritux Consulting offers : help, deployment and improvement of critical enterprise applications with both packaged and customized services.
We provide consulting services for:

Exposing the full life cycle of an application from initial needs analysis to integration, testing and deployment.

Designing strong architectures using standards.

Critical Applications with high scalability,

Linux systems: Clustering, tuning, dimensioning and more …

SOA and enterprise data integration taking advantage of advanced experiences with ESB and EAI systems design, production and deployment.

Messaging solutions : Email, SMS, MMS, Fax, XMPP / Jabber and more

Linux administration, troubleshooting, configuration, customization and optimization.

MySQL and PostgreSQL database administration and troubleshooting.

Apache httpd, Tomcat and JBoss web servers advanced administration : Tuning, dimensioning, grouping, proxying and more …

Talend and open source Pentaho business intelligence solutions.

Integration of BSCS system and engineering.

JBoss Seam Framework and Java EE.

Symfony and PHP Framework.