IOT -english

    Internet of things

    Meeting challenges with turnkey IOT solutions!

    Offer an intelligent, secure and connected experience.

    A bouquet of customizable, 100%-integrated, high value-added IOT solutions to help you transform your business….

    Increase your company’s competitiveness with innovations linked to tailor-made IOT solutions.

    Energy Smart Metering

    Take remote energy consumption readings, collect consumption data in real time and support decision-making


    Industry 4.0

    Control industrial equipment with a customizable platform generate relevant analyses for greater efficiency.


    Véhicule Tracking solution

    Optimize time and routes, locate vehicles and analyze driver behavior.

    Smart Parking

    The ultimate solution for parking, parking space management, subscriptions and usage notifications.

    40-Web Development

    Smart Agriculture

    A solution for overcoming increasing water shortages, limited land availability, difficulty in managing costs, while meeting consumption needs.

    Digitize your business processes with our expertise!