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Residence Les Jardins du Lac, Idriss Building ,Les Berges du Lac 2, 1053 Tunis- Tunisia

IT Solutions

Multifunctional and several platforms

allowing companies to manage their entire IT infrastructure to ensure systems, applications, services and business processes.


Archiving Solution, ADS is the solution to help telecommunications companies effectively manage the huge volume of call detail records by easily and safely archiving.


Detecting malicious behavior, a protocol for network analysis, detection and prevention system capable of performing batch logging and real-time traffic analysis.

TSM - Telecom Sales Management

Ergonomic and easy to use SimPlus is a multifunctional platform allowing telecom operators to manage their sales and distribution network of SIM cards.

MCX - Modern Customer Experience

Modern Customer Experience solution insure : efficiency in the customer’s data exploitation, provision, performance in the data analysis and activity supervision.

DACM - Device Auto-configuration and Management

Gives Operator a powerful tool to manage and configure ADSL, 3G, 4G and 5G as well as VOIP devices. IT implement a rich protocol stack : TR-069, OMA-DM, HTTP, SNMP, ...