Roaming is an exceptionally challenging area for operators all over the world.

    Due to tough competition, operators are compelled to offer a unique and viable Roaming services to attract roamers, inbound and outbound.
    Great quality is very important, but user satisfaction is yet another cornerstone for the sustainability of Roaming services.

    The Roaming suite maintains customer relationships through a platform of state-of- the-art solutions that enable Telecom operators to retain inbound and outbound roamers.

    Bill Shock Preventer

    For Mobile Internet Users, enables operators to notify roaming subscribers of data session costs in real time.

    Border Roaming Controller

    Innovative Roaming Solution, eliminates the possibility of accidental roaming into neighboring networks and keeps subscribers on their home network.

    Inbound Roamers Retention

    A key tool to solve many tasks, It’s a solution composed of a set of modules aimed to maximize inbound roamers retention time and revenue.

    Traffic Steering

    Network Traffic Redirection, enables the operator to dynamically steer its outbound roaming subscribers to preferred Visited Network.

    Welcome SMS

    Marketing campaign, a valuable tool that informs both inbound and outbound roamers to keep subscribers connected with their families and friends.