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    Information Technology

    Atteignez Achieve operational excellence with our IT solutions!

    A range of multi-functional solutions enabling companies to manage their entire IT infrastructure to guarantee systems, applications…

    Centralize information and eliminate multiple Excel spreadsheets.

    Increase your company’s competitiveness with innovations linked to tailor-made IOT solutions.

    Epi- Surveille

    A solution for early, real-time detection of epidemics and new diseases, as well as the emergence of contagions, and rapid deployment of an action plan to curb or contain the disease.r.

    UDM – Unified Device Management

    Remote management, control and supervision solution for ACS terminals.

    40-Web Development


    ADS is the archiving solution to help telecoms companies efficiently manage the huge volume of call detail records by archiving them easily and securely.


    Anti-fraud and revenue assurance solution using real-time traffic analy


    TSM - Telecom Sales Management

    Solution for managing sales and distribution channels for the operator's products and services.


    MCX - Modern Customer Experience

    A solution that manages and ensures performance and efficiency in the use of heterogeneous data.

    Digitize your business processes with our specific solutions !