Above on the engineering activities

    Tritux provides wide range of Value Added Solutions. We do make a difference between standard VAS and very specific niche.

    SMGS - Gateway SMS

    A scalable SMS gateway solution, SMGS is designed for Sending, receiving, routing and storing messages.

    DMC - Dynamic Mobile Credit

    A Solution that allows prepaid subscribers to receive airtime value in credit to extend their talk time once they run out of balance.

    DSMS - Direct SMS

    Sending mass SMS, MMs and WAP PUSH, a solution used as part of a massive targeting in order to achieve the company's goals on time.

    MPX - Mobile Payment Experience

    Mobile banking application, that Offer many added-value services and payment features.


    Faxing advanced messaging applications, TuxFax is a corporate class solution made for sending and receiving faxes like e-mails.