Tritux Group

    Tritux Tech Vision 2017

    We are living in truly amazing times, poised for the most significant era of technological advancement since the dawn of the information age ̶ an era where technology can fundamentally transform the way we work and live unleashing tremendous opportunity,as well as difficult challenges we must address.

    There is no doubt in my mind that the impact of technology innovations can be positive, because the power lies with us ̶ withpeople.

    We’re in control and are adapting technology to fit our needs, large and small. We call this fundamental shift “Technology for People,” and it’s the focus of our 2017 technology trends report, the Tritux Technology Vision.

    Today, we launch the Technology Vision, our yearly report identifying top IT trends that will impact organizations in the next three years.

    The theme “Technology for People, by People” runs through the Tech Vision because we see these trends as helping usher in a new era of invention and human amplification that will unleash unimagined levels of creativity, ingenuity and productivity.

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